Josh Making Songs EP

by Josh Making Songs

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Josh Making Songs is:

Lebenyk – Vocals, guitar
Felipe Mazza – Bass
Guga Schiochet – Drums


released September 21, 2013

Produced by Josh Making Songs
Otávio Madureira – Engineer
Victor França – Mixing, mastering
Recorded at Rec'n Roll Recording Studio (Curitiba, Brazil).
Artwork by Leandro Benyk

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Josh Making Songs Curitiba, Brazil

Too hardcore to be alternative, but too alternative to be hardcore. Southern brazilian rock somewhere between emo, punk and grunge.

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Track Name: Travis Bickle
Down the streets with my lost soul
I think about some things gone wrong
Someday the rain will come down
And will wash the streets around

Someday the feeling inside me
Gonna change some things
Without sleep and looking outside
I see the future in my hands

Holding my breath
With this blood in my hands
I can only think in my
Brand new world falling down
You gotta look back and see my glory now
And then she told me
Won’t you go for a ride?

With this hands i feel the moment
And i drive that car
We are the last souls alive in the world
We are the same shit that’s gonna lose control
So it's time to think about
Anyone can hear this sound
I'm gonna shoot your face
Track Name: You look better without your heart
Friday night, don’t know where you’ll go
Maybe you’ll go somewhere that i hate
There will always be parties that will
Make you feel so good

I can think about so many bad plans
But doesn’t matter, nothing is going to work
And if you stay at home tonight
I’m sorry i will call, i know

And if my head could work better
I drink a lot of coffee to spend the Day
How could you forget the Day?
When someone stole your heart

Tonight could be the worst night
Wish anything to come from the sky
We are falling down, when you get home
I’m sorry for not being there
I know it's gonna be hard
You look better without your heart
I made a cake for you
It seems strange
So what you gonna do?

Many picture frames without photographs
Even the one you are in the nice dress
How could you forget the day?
Track Name: Fences
Thinking about some lies
Wishing everything to improve
Learning about something inside of me
How can it be so fake?

Then you're gonna try the right way
But honestly I can't
I feel like in summertime
I just don't feel so good

Try to enjoy these parties
And everyone is like so cool
They know what to do
Fuck the future, we are so young

And all this might not be so bad
With all these shit inside my head
And everytime i think about
Feels like so many fences inside my head

Then you're gonna try the right way
But honestly I can't
I feel like in summertime
I just don't feel so good
Track Name: Shortcut
I try to be honest like them
i hope, that i am the only one who knows
and im still right here
to see, how much you can fall down

And I know
That's the flow of life
And I know
That will grow, sometime

Think that something’s wrong
to decide what to do with your life
Any shortcut
that no one remembered to hide
Track Name: Sounds from monday night
You should be here to hear these chords
You should be my only help
with all this hurt that makes me run
And all these dreams that kill me inside

And all this talk that you always do
I make damn sure that it’s still not over
All i feel inside
Don't worry cause I'll be here tonight

Every word you say feels like
Another lie about your life
And everytime i think: the worst is coming
There is no place to go. I'm gonna try it on my own
have a nice life without me. Whatever you want it to be